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Make the most out of your outdoor areas

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As the weather is slowly getting cooler (hot spurs beside!), we found that now more than ever it’s the perfect time to pick up all those little projects we have all been planning for, but actually never got around to, especially when it comes to our gardens and yards

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With limited time on our hands, it’s very common to concentrate all attention to our indoors forgetting how important our outdoor areas are. As we’re now spending more time around our grounds, it’s only fair to devote a good share of our attention to our outdoor areas and give them a deserved TLC boost.

Here’s a little list of things to consider whilst scanning through our yards.

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1 - Make it accessible

Whether is by simply cutting the grass or removing anything obstructing access, if your outdoor areas are hard to get to they’ll soon become underutilised and forgotten, and a real shame if you ask us.

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Have vision with your space and add key elements to support its structure, such as garden hedges, stepping stones or a path.

Fix or replace anything that is broken, clean your paving areas and seal them if required so that your outdoors will be better equipped to face the upcoming winter months.

2 - Select the right materials

After finding some inspiration either online, in real life or via print (we have to confess, we have a soft spot for Instagram) make sure everything you’ll utilise for your garden is suited for outdoor environments. From paving to furniture, outdoor materials are going to be easier to maintain and they will stand the test of time.

In terms of maintenance, be honest with yourself and choose accordingly. There are many options available and no need to make your life more complicated.

3 - Add some shade and protection

Adding shelter to your yard can exponentially increase the time you’ll spend outdoors providing shade in summer and weather protection all year round.

Whether it’s going to be an undercover deck, pavilion or pergola is up to you, just keep in mind what activities you’d like to carry out and how much shelter each option is providing you with.

4 - Embrace a degree of tech

Do you love your garden but forget to water it? Set up a smart irrigation system that can do that for you. Keep leaving your porch lights on? Switching to sensor lights or solar lights it’s quick and easy.

Baby steps are all you need to make your garden more comfortable and welcoming so that you and your family can spend more time out in the sunshine.

5 - Make the most out of it

Now that you’ve reclaimed your outdoor areas, have fun with them! Add some comfortable seats, outdoor pots to decorate your paved areas and a bbq or pizza oven so that you can enjoy cooking and dining outside every time you can.

A firepit can also be a very welcomed addition to your backyard to face the cooler months, providing warmth and ambience to any space.

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What about us? Here at Artisan we all love the organic look and feel of stone paving (no surprises there), we’re big on bbqs and cannot go without a good sound system in place. And you?

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We hope you’re loving your outdoor areas as much as we do.

If you’re keen to see us or chat with us, as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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