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Stone Crazy Paving

Natural Stone Crazy Paving, Pavers and Flooring

Inspiration from the endless possibilities of nature.

Anyone scrolling for inspiration in architecture, building or landscape knows that stone crazy paving is massively “on trend” and why wouldn’t it be. It’s gorgeous, full of shape and texture, sits as comfortably in a sparse minimalist design as it does a sprawling manor and practically oozes character.

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Stone crazy pavers lift a design, they instill interest while displaying craftsmanship and they’re perfectly suited to use outdoors. We’ve been delighted to see stone crazy pavers stamp their mark on the Australian landscape.

Many stone types are used to make crazy pave with Porphyry, Sandstone, Quartz and Slate being a few of the more noteworthy. Crazy paving is a perfect example of the flexibility and creativity that a natural product affords, the split, random shapes paired with natural colour variation and toning elevate this product beyond that of a standard paver.

With the rise in crazy paving showing no sign of letting up we’re thrilled to continue developing the range, exploring more of the beauty that this unique and striking product offers. Our search has taken us to previously unexplored parts of the globe with incredibly exciting results. The Stone Crazy Paving range is a perfect example of our passion to innovate and adapt to our constantly evolving industry and we can’t wait to share more of what we’ve found. 

While some trends come and go we think this one is here to stay, it’s just the beginning of an exciting new age in design

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