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Australian Collection 40

Inspired by the Australian coastline.

An expansion on our stunning Australian coastline collection, a curated selection of impactful large format variants on our most popular mosaics. 

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The Australian collection of glass pool tiles features a unique range of colours developed specifically for the Australian pool market, these tiles mirror the ever-changing characteristics of our beautiful coastline, from the deep oceans in the south to the warm tropical waters in the north.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Spain and utilising leading Spanish, Italian and German technology, these glass tiles also feature a breakthrough thermo-polymer backing system for uninterrupted grout coverage.

Choose from blends such as the mid blues and pearls of Orpheus, or deep greens and pearlescent gold and purple tiles of Lizard, emulating the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, gentle greys capturing the cooler waters of Devonport in the far south, and the whites and pearls of Whitehaven Sand, blended to reflect the stunning sands of Whitehaven Beach.

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