Spanish Glass Swimming Pool Tiles and Mosaics

Embracing the nature of pools and the joy they bring to a home.

Pools are fun, they’re relaxing, they can be used for exercise or to unwind and have become an integral part of modern culture. We appreciate that pools are often the centerpiece around which a landscape is designed, and our range works with this concept in mind. We seek inspiration from the most beautiful and spectacular pools locally and across the globe, constantly seeking to innovate our range as improvements in technology and manufacture processes become available.

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The Artisan Exterior pool tile range features an exciting selection of glass mosaic swimming pool tiles, made entirely in Spain using a minimum of 98% recycled glass. In collaboration with Hisbalit Mosaico, which has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing glass mosaics and is dedicated to producing the finest interpretation of the Spanish glass mosaic, we designed a range of pool tiles that reflects the lives and surroundings of Australians and their environment. The result is the Australian Collection which features a unique array of colours that mirror the ever-changing characteristics of our beautiful coastline, from the deep oceans in the south to the warm tropical waters in the north. The newest addition to the range is the Coast Collection, a curated selection of opaque, youthful but sophisticated shades all in a beautifully tactile, unglazed, matte finish in a contemporary large format mosiac. The Unicolour, Niebla and Luxe Collections round out this fine selection of pool tiles.

In addition to our Hisbalit selection of mosaics, the From the Earth and From the Sea ranges draw on the characteristics of nature to create an incredibly diverse and visually striking collection of pool tiles. With 25mm and 50mm size options, these tiles are ideal in both waterline and fully tiled pool tiling applications.

If you’re looking to enhance your life outside a pool is a great place to start and we’re ready to dive in with you and make sure you have the best finish for your project.

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