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Coffee, Side Tables & Trolleys

Innovative Outdoor Coffee & Side Tables, Trolleys by Globewest

The extra touch to a well-considered space.

Coffee tables and side tables are both convenient and the extra touch a space can require to make it feel finished. They’re often indicative of a considered design approach, pairing finesse with the practicality of utilising an area to its fullest potential. Outdoor coffee tables, side tables and trolleys are also a great vehicle for styling a space, providing a surface for that well positioned Bonsai tree or outdoor succulent planter.

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The Lagoon trolley series elevates outdoor living even further, its sleek lines and contoured shape make it a luxurious delivery method for a poolside cocktail or snack.

Our range of coffee tables and side tables come in an array of shapes, sizes and colours, with the natural timber tones of the Sonoma and Hamptons ranges being offset by the black, white and concrete tones of Livorno and Aperto. These square, rectangular and round tables are built to live outside, ultilising highly durable materials that will adapt to their outdoor environment.

Coffee tables, side tables and trolleys are much more than a convenient place to put a drink or discard a magazine, they can finish a space, elevate the styling of a sunbed or occasional chair or be the welcome surface to an adored centrepiece.

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