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Innovative Outdoor Sofas from Globewest

Interior comforts for exterior living.

Technology is an amazing thing when put to the right uses and our range of outdoor sofas really highlights how technology can improve a product. If you’ve experienced sitting on one of the outdoor sofas in our range, you’ll have had the pleasure of realising that outdoor sofas can be as comfortable as indoor sofas, finally, comfort is not being sacrificed in the name of durability! No more scratchy fabrics meeting your bare skin like an unwelcome exfoliant.

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Thanks to technological improvements in fabric and foam manufacture you're getting everything you could hope for in an outdoor sofa or chair – practical, durable and most importantly, comfortable furniture that will still look great after spending time outdoors.

Pairing these improvements with forward thinking designs, these outdoor sofa settings look great, feel great and last outdoors. We believe they’re some pretty important characteristics for an outdoor sofa or chair and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Thanks to innovations in technology and design, our range of outdoor sofas allows you to take one of the iconic comforts of indoor life, outside.

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