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Benefits of Teak Furniture & Care Tips

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What is Teak?

Teak is a strong and durable type of hardwood timber commonly used in furniture – indoors and out. Our outdoor teak furniture pieces are unsealed, certified and legally & sustainably sourced.

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Teak’s Key Features & Benefits:

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  • The presence of small splits and cracks throughout its texture
  • The uniqueness of each piece carved from it
  • Its structural integrity which is retained whilst the item will develop a beautiful silver-grey patina over time (if left exposed and untreated)
  • Its high levels of natural oil, which allows teak wood products to survive to harsher climates
  • Its innate water resistance
  • Its natural character and movement

Teak is our wood of choice for all our outdoor furniture piece featuring wooden frames given its beauty and innate superior quality features. Our Sonoma, Hamptons and Granada range feature a variety of pieces, including sofas, chairs, coffee tables and benches made with this outstanding natural material.

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How To Care For Teak:

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  • Use a soft-bristled brush to gently wash the surface of the wood. Whilst using a brush of any kind, always brush in the same direction as the wood grain.
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away debris and excess moisture after cleaning and allow the wood to air-dry.
  • Do not use metallic brushes, pressure cleaners or excessive force when cleaning outdoor teak.
  • Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaning products and never mix chlorine bleach and ammonia-based cleaners as they create dangerous chlorine gas.
  • Excess moisture could cause mould or mildew to form. If this has happened ensure to dry out the affected teakwood first prior cleaning by placing the item in direct sunlight. If mould or mildew has formed/reformed and the normal cleaning process hasn’t worked, some light sanding may be required.
  • Staining, oiling or sanding are a personal choice which will change the product’s visual appearance. We recommend you consult with a furniture restoration professional prior undertaking any of these treatments.

Please bear in mind that care requirements may vary depending on the environment in which the teak furniture is going to be located. A monthly cleaning and maintenance check is the best way to help prevent any damage. Also, where possible, place your teak item in direct sunlight to help prevent growth of mould/mildew and keep your furniture in its best condition for years to come. Storing your teak items in a cool, dry place during the winter or rainy months can also help avoid growth/regrowth of mould or mildew.

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Give us a call or come talk to our Artisan Exterior team at one of our showrooms to ensure the products you’ve selected are suitable for your specific environment as well as discuss the level of maintenance that will be required.

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