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Unicolour Collection

Hisbalit Spanish Glass Pool Tiles Unicolour Collection

Simple, elegant tiles for harmonious design.

The Unicolour tile collection was designed to represent the purest, most colour consistent and accurately produced example of the Spanish glass mosaic. 100% designed and manufactured in Spain by Hisbalilt Mosaico, this range of tiles lets the pool do the talking, with the tile working to impact the overall water colour rather than drawing attention to the individual tiles.

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Designed and made in Spain and employing leading Spanish, Italian and German technology, these tiles feature a breakthrough thermo-polymer backing system that allows for uninterrupted grout coverage.

The unicolour is a favourite amongst designers looking for simplicity, with the consistency of the tile allowing other elements within the design to create impact while retaining harmony in the overall space. It’s the quiet achiever, simple and elegant with nothing to prove and plenty to give.

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