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Pedestal Flooring

Raised Floor, Pedestal Flooring & Polypad Systems

Elevated outdoor installations made easy.

A pedestal installation or raised floor system is an ideal solution where access to waterproofing is highly advantageous or consistent levels between internal and external spaces want to be achieved without visible drainage requirements. It also allows for cabling, ducting or wiring to be installed beneath the finished tile surface while remaining accessible should the need arise.

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Areas particularly well suited to these systems are balconies in multi-storey buildings, common outdoor areas and high traffic commercial or public areas.

There are many advantages to a pedestal system, they’re quick to install, there’s no direct fixing to slabs or waterproofing, they have the ability to create drainage without impacting on surface levels, they’re lightweight, they allow access to plumbing, electrical and waterproofing and they assist with acoustic isolation.

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