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Stone Step Treads

Outdoor Natural Stone Step Treads and Thresholds

Taking you one step closer to creating the perfect space.

At Artisan Exterior we believe it’s the attention to detail that really elevates a design. These details are often the ones that are imperceptible, that sit in the pocket of the design with ease but have been given great consideration and care. These spaces are more enjoyable to spend time in and leave a lasting impression. They’re the spaces that inspire people to take the leap into a renovation or decide it’s time to undertake building their dream home.

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Stone step treads were introduced to our range with these details in mind. Reducing the one or two grout joints that might otherwise have been present in a staircase, giving more length to the appearance of a pool coping, or creating a one-piece threshold at the front door, stone step treads and risers are the finishing detail in a well-considered space.

Our step treads are sized to consider the grout joint in the backup tiles leading to the treads with Bluestone, Granite, Limestone and Travertine all featuring within the range. These step treads are made to enhance designs and allow focus to be given to the other small details that will make your project a success and a pleasure to live in.

With every detail that gets considered along the way we know you’re one step closer to creating the perfect space and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

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