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Mesh & Loose Cobblestones for Driveways & Pathways

Small wonders from across the globe.

For many people the mention of the word cobblestones conjures memories of their first trip to Europe, possibly treading the cobbled streets of Zurich in the snow or navigating a cobblestone lane, which was definitely not intended for a five-seater car, on the way to a coastal town in Italy. Cobbles have a certain magic and are often thought of in these historic and romantic settings, however, they are a highly versatile and hard-wearing stone format that has become a staple in modern design.

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Cobblestones have a huge number of applications, often used on driveways, paths, courtyards, in curved spaces such as firepits or as garden edging. The smaller nature of the stone allows it to be manipulated easily to create seamless lines and patterns that add interest to their environment.

We often see a cobblestone border paired with pavers and tiles or vice versa, becoming the centrepiece to an outdoor dining area in a herringbone or stagger set pattern. A cobblestone path can weave through a garden, creating curved garden beds or veggie patches. In commercial applications, brick cobbles are often used to add visual interest to public domains and break up large expanses of paving.

Our cobblestone range has developed over time to feature a series of mesh-backed and loose cobbles that allow flexibility in design and installation. This comprehensive range is made up of stones from across the globe, with Limestone, Slate, Porphyry, Granite and Quartz all featured. This stunning selection of cobbles varies in colour from blacks and greys to creams, organic purples, rusty greys, olive, peach and mint tones.

Our collection of cobbles is more than a distant memory from a long past holiday, they’re a definitive collection of flooring that will enhance your exterior lifestyle on a daily basis.

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