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Stepping Stones

Outdoor Large Format Stepping Stones and Steppers

A selection of stepping stones to integrate soft and hardscape.

Thanks to the creative minds that make up many of our clients, stepping stones are no long used as nothing more than a practical path to get from one side of the house to the other. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing the humble stepping stone be transformed into a vehicle to create marvelous landscape features and take centre stage amongst truly epic landscape designs.

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Stepping stones come in a large array of shapes and sizes across many different forms of natural stone, from Bluestone to Travertine, Sandstone, Granite and Marble. Some stepping stones are organic in shape, sliced from boulders, others are rectangular, square or circular.

Irregular Bluestone stepping stones soften pathways and are ideal for use with ground covers, round stepping stones can create formality within softscapes and gardens, while rectangular and square stepping stones add interest to inter-joining areas such as patios and pool areas without impacting on hard/soft ratios.

Innovation in landscape design continues to pave the way for stepping stones to be more commonly utilised while adding impact to the spaces they’re being used in. These designs often allow for greater integration between the garden and the home, allowing the practicality of the stepper to meld with its surroundings.

We’re in such an exciting time for exterior living and we couldn’t be happier to see the humble stepping stone getting its dues.

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