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Organic Dry Stack & Grouted Stone Wall Cladding

The rugged, imperfect beauty of natural stone.

Natural stone wall cladding is instantly recognisable whether used in an interior or exterior application, it graces a design like an A-lister attending a house party, emanating style and class with ease and leaving a lasting impression. It’s bold, it’s captivating, it’s textural, it’s rugged, it’s intrigue, it’s craftsmanship, it’s stone in all its imperfect glory.

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Stone wall cladding has become the crowning jewel of many an architectural masterpiece or award-winning landscape design and it’s for good reason. The beauty it instills is as much a reflection of the stone as it is the hands that installed it, with each wall holding the character and painstaking effort of the mason that worked the individual dry stack stone cladding pieces into their hard-earned place of honour.

Over the last decade we’ve seen the application of wall cladding evolve to new heights, often being used to integrate internal and external environments, offset hard lined contemporary structures or weave through gardens on retaining walls, creating vast layers of texture and character. Whether used indoors or outdoors, organic wall cladding demands and deserves attention.

Natural stone wall cladding is used to beautify blade walls, cozy up fireplaces and connect  houses to their natural surroundings. It highlights the rugged nature of stones like Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Quartz and Slate, that commonly feature as pavers or tiles after being processed and refined away from their natural state.

Needless to say, we're passionate about our range of organic wall cladding and we’re sure you’ll adore it as much as we have sourcing and developing it.

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