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Levi's Project.

Levi was a typical eight-year-old boy who loved his family, his friends and soccer. 

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At the end of 2017, Levi was diagnosed with the deadliest childhood cancer, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. DIPG is a type of brain cancer that has a 0% survival rate and there are currently no effective treatment options. Children with DIPG typically live for only nine months following this devastating diagnosis.

Levi lived for 12 months following his diagnosis. After his death, Levi's parents, Ben and Kath, along with their other children Olivia and Archie, wanted to make a difference for other children with DIPG.

A future for kids with DIPG.

Levi's Project is a world-leading research initiative by scientists at the Children's Cancer Institute which aims to develop Australia's first-ever treatment program for DIPG. 

So far it has raised $3Mil for DIPG research, and it is funding two clinical trials for DIPG in Australia this year - Polyamine Depletion Therapy and CAR T-cell therapy.

Levi’s Project aims to develop a comprehensive and effective treatment strategy, designed specifically for DIPG.

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Levi's Story

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Levi’s Project is providing funding for three team members, all pre-clinical research costs and three clinical trials.
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