Stone Wall Cladding, Stacked Stones and Capping

Exploring a passion for vertical surfaces.

OK, we’re going to say it, staring at the wall can be fun, in fact it can be an intriguingly beautiful sight that takes you through a journey of time and craftsmanship. At least that’s what it’s like if you’re staring at one of the stone wall claddings that make up the Wall range.

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Stone walling has become increasingly recognised for its versatility and adaptability in architecture and design, with stone walls adding character to contemporary concrete structures, offsetting timber screening or creating a feature from a fireplace, retaining wall, outdoor shower or façade. Stone wall cladding has a huge number of uses that add texture and warmth to your home and landscape, with many houses utilising wall cladding for both internal and external applications.

We’re passionate about exterior and interior wall cladding and are continuously exploring new stone types and designs that give you more surface options, to broaden creativity and inspire better living.

We’re surrounded by walls, they’re everywhere, so why not make them a thing of beauty! With the Wall range we work with multiple surface finishes and formats across many different stone types, from many countries across the globe. In some cases mixing surface finishing techniques, products or course heights to further enhance the stone’s natural appeal. Our range of capping is the finishing touch for those walls that need a little extra love on top and is selected to look as good from the vertical surface as it does from the horizontal while seamlessly integrating with your wall.

So come and explore the Wall range today, we guarantee there’s a wall worth staring at.

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