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Antique Clay Pots for Outdoor Areas

Destination Mediterranean 

Can you feel the seaside breeze? Our Antique clay pots range is a travel pass to the sun-drenched sandy coasts of Greece and Turkey, and a celebration of the classic underrated beauty of hand-thrown terracotta planters. 

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Each piece is a one-off creation where every mark or imperfection is telling you the story of hundreds of years of tradition and experience passed down through generations. Ceramic pots are timeless for a reason, and we believe in their subdued, classic beauty that holds its ground over and over against all fleeting trends. 

Our antique pots are great indoors-to-outdoors transitional pieces, tying together effortlessly your space, no matter if modern or traditional in style. Plenty options are available in our collection, with our wide or narrow mouth clay pots, such as our Levea and Kela, or amphora-like piece such as Voi or Raajat, lime-washed for that extra refined aged look. 

Each vessel can be utilised as a feature on its own or in group compositions, with or without plants to provide you with all options to tailor your décor to your taste and space.  

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