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Vertical & Linear

Vertical and Linear Stone Wall Cladding

Unique concepts and finishes for your home.

Developing the vertical and linear range of wall cladding has been a labour of love. This unique range of cladding has been a collaborative effort with manufacturers across multiple countries to produce a range of cladding that offers highly unique finishes for your much-loved vertical surfaces.

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The vertical and linear range explores the potential of combining traditional stonework methods with cutting edge design and manufacture techniques. It is a culmination of the passion and experience that drives us and inspires us.

This range of cladding was in response to clients and designers seeking more unique walling options that would enable greater flexibility in design and surface finishes. This concept continues today, with our product developers continuing work on the vertical and linear range, exploring new stone cladding types and surfacing techniques to enhance lives both inside and outside the home.

With a focus on great design and unique finishes, the vertical and linear range of natural stone wall cladding is close to our hearts and we’re excited to share it with you.

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