Lightweight Fibreglass and Antique Clay Pots

Set the tone of your outdoor styling.

Good design will encompass large scale features, but most importantly it won’t brush over the finer details. Outdoor pots are a great example of how your décor selection can make or break a space, taking it to the next level rather than letting it stand in the dreaded “it’s missing something” zone.

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When you look at your garden or outdoor entertainment area what would you like to highlight? Are you trying to complement a coastal inspired look or would something modern and crisp be a better match to your overall home design? Marrying your home styling with decorative pots, wooden throughs and planters needs to take into account not only the mood of your space but also the dimensions and light levels; these will dictate if your terracotta pot works best as a standalone feature or as a cluster with other garden pots, it will also define what plants will suit the pot’s material and location requirements.

Materials and textures are a passion of ours and we’ve injected our range with plenty of variations to help you find the right match for your space. From the rugged, highly textural statement pieces of our LANDARE collection through to sophisticated, classic clay pots in our Antique collection and lightweight, modern fibreglass and large outdoor pots of our Contemporary collection.

Whether you’re looking to complete your garden, accent a small yard or dress a commercial project, don’t leave anything to chance and let us help you complete your vision.

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