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Stone Pebbles

Premium Quality Stone Pebbles for Pots, Garden and Steppers

Small in size, large in application.

Stone pebbles, often referred to as decorative pebbles are a great way to add texture and colour to pathways, sidewalks and garden beds, to cover drains or grates without impacting drainage or to protect soil from four-legged friends (or foes!).

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We’ve seen pebbles used in all kinds of applications, beneath fire-pits, around water-features, in oriental gardens and cactus gardens, around stepping stones and to top planters. They’re the finishing touch to a well-considered design are both visually pleasing and practical in use.

When considering pebbles, it’s important to think about the size that you’ll be using and where it’s being used, smaller pebbles will create a more level surface between stepping stones, removing the likelihood of the pebbles being kicked unintentionally when stepping from stone to stone, while larger pebbles are safer for use around small children or may be harder for pets to move aside.

Whatever the use, pebbles are a great way to finish off a space and will always add texture and character, no matter the application.

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