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Sunbeds & Daybeds

Innovative Outdoor Sunbeds and Daybeds from Globewest

Bring your next holiday closer to home.

If you’ve ever been on a tropical holiday, you’ll know the relaxation you feel when the bags have been unpacked, the clothes you’ve been wearing while navigating airports, trains, taxis or (for the more adventurous) scooters, have been exchanged for a comfy swimsuit and you find the perfect spot to recline on a sunbed next to the pool. It’s that moment where you exhale, destress and let the holiday begin.

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Of course, you don’t have to be on holiday to experience that feeling, it’s exactly what our outdoor sunbeds and daybeds are designed for, to allow you to relax in your own home and create your own backyard holiday, everyday and without the travel requirement. With the restrictions to travel that have become part of everyday life, more and more people are seeking their getaways closer to home and what could be closer than your own backyard.

Not only are outdoor sunbeds and day beds the perfect place for an afternoon snooze, they also look incredible, creating structure and purpose to your poolside. 

Think about it, your next holiday is just a sunbed away.

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