Innovative Outdoor Furniture Range from Globewest

Expertly crafted style for the life you've imagined.

It's a perfectly temperate day, a gentle breeze laps at your consciousness and you're brought to the realisation you've drifted off in the pergola next to the pool, towel draped on the furniture, novel on your chest, sun hat tilted across your face, outdoor lounge cradling you like a warm cloud. You reach over to the side table and take a sip of the exquisitely chilled drink that's been left to condensate while you doze (15 minutes to be precise), stand, stretch and walk across the backyard, past the kids using the furniture to build a cubby house, to the verandah where the outdoor table’s been set with the cheese plate that's anticipating your guests. You sneak a cracker and take a seat on the wooden bench to take it all in, the beauty of it all…

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So we'll stop there, and we’re sure it’s not lost on you, furniture is an integral part of daily life and your life outdoors is no different, in fact we’d be so bold as to say the best living can be done outside, particularly when you’ve got the right furniture to facilitate it. Be it an alfresco, pavilion, patio or balcony, carefully curated outdoor furniture will elevate exterior living.

Our furniture has been expertly crafted using the best materials for outdoor use, with designs that suit the many styles that are integrated into Australian life outside and the environment it offers. The Hamptons pairs teak with organic tones, the Aruba links powder-coated aluminium angles with luxurious comfort, the Granada longs for the coast with its generous, simple and sturdy tables and large array of dining chairs and the Ossa speaks of bold concrete contoured lines.

This gorgeous range is perfect for any setting and will last the test of time, in style.

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