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How to Choose the Right Pool Tiles

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With summer quickly approaching and the weather heating up, now is the perfect time to get the pool ready for summer activities, backyard parties and the festive season. During summer, our pools can become the focal point of our outdoor spaces, so it’s important to make sure that your pool tiles reflect your home’s overall theme and colour palette. 

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In this article, we’re going to share how to choose the right pool tiles for your pool to make your outdoor space both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so you can cool down this summer in complete ease.

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What to Look for When Choosing your Pool Tiles?

 Choosing your pool tiles, what may seem like a small choice, can make a huge impact on the overall feel of your outdoor space. They can affect the overall design theme, colour and feel of your pool.

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1. Outdoor Design Theme

When first choosing which pool tiles for your pool, it’s a good idea to consider the overall theme of your outdoor space first before deciding on tiles. For example, if your outdoor space is designed to be light and airy, combining lots of white or light-coloured outdoor furniture, paving etc., then you will want to stick to that theme. Go for white or grey tiles to support the lighter theme of the space. The same goes for darker or industrial-themed outdoor spaces, opt for darker pool tiles in darker shades of blue. [Images 1-4]

2. Water Colour 


Picking the right pool tiles for your pool won’t only affect the outdoor theme but will also affect the colour of the pool water. Light-coloured pool tiles, such as white, light blue or light grey will reflect the sunlight, causing the water to appear very light.

In contrast, dark-coloured pool tiles, such as navy, dark grey, or charcoal tiles will give the water a dark appearance. If you’re not sure about which colours to choose, our compare tool can assist with selecting the right pool tiles, along with comparing and choosing the most suitable pavers and copings for your pool area. [Image 5 vs Image 6]

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3. Tile Materials

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Once you know what outdoor design style to look for and the pool water colour you want to achieve, the next step is deciding on what tile material to go for. The most popular kinds of pool tiles are glass, ceramic, and porcelain.

  • Ceramic pool tiles were once the most common tiles utilised and are available in a more limited range of colours, designs and finishes
  • Porcelain pool tiles are also a great option as they are extremely durable but they do not offer a wide range of vibrant colours or designs and, as the ceramic tiles, they cannot always be sourced in small format tiles.
  • Glass pool tiles are crafted to be clear or tinted and can come in a variety of formats, to suit any shape of pool, and designs, being able to range from mat colours to pearlescent and metallic.

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Polymer vs Thermo-polymer Tiles

When choosing your pool tiles, it’s important to note that not all pool tiles are made the same. The manufacturer and brand of tiles can greatly impact the longevity of your pool. When choosing pool tiles, look for tiles that have been created with a thermo-polymer backing system rather than just a polymer backing system.

Polymer based backing systems can be altered by water molecules, creating swelling in the polymer dot, this can result in the polymer rising to the surface of the tile and dislodging grout from the finished surface. Thermo polymer does not alter in water and intrudes less into the joint of the tile, this allows for greater grout coverage, ensuring stability of the installed product.

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Artisan Exterior’s Pool Tile Range


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At Artisan Exterior, we stock a large variety of pool tiles to suit any pool project.


1. Australian Pool Tile Range

For those who enjoy the beachy, natural landscapes of the Australian coast, you’ll fall in love with our Australian range. Inspired by the beauty of the Australian coast and the ruggedness of the landscape, our Australian range of glass tiles are the perfect addition to your space.

With longevity in mind, thanks to the thermo-polymer backing system, choose from a range of stunning, rich blues in various shades, all inspired by iconic Australian landmarks, and bring the beach home this summer. [Image 1 & 2]


2. Niebla Pool Tile Range

Our Niebla range of pool tiles is perfect for those who love classic ocean scenery. Each of our Niebla glass tiles can be used to create stunning and relaxing landscapes for the whole family to enjoy.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, the mosaic style colourings unify your outdoor space. From breathtaking sky-blue designs to grey and charcoal collaborations, our 100% recycled glass tiles are the ultimate go-to for classic, ocean pool styling. [Image 3 & 4]

3. Unicolour Pool Tile Range

 Our Unicolour range can be added to your pool to create stunning, unifying designs that are simple yet impressive and is a range for those who want classic, yet beautiful designs that will last.

Discover our white gloss collection that reflects the colour of the sky, or our gloss black tones that create a modern industrial and moody aesthetic. Made with 100% recycled glass, create the landscapes you have always wanted with our Unicolour pool tiles. [Image 5 & 6]

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4. Luxe & Concept Tiles

For bold designs that don’t compromise on longevity, our Luxe and Concept range highlights contemporary colours and patterns for a bold statement look, with each tile bringing a sense of modern luxury to any outdoor space.

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Discover deep crimson, gold and purple tones of our mosaic black pearl tiles, that create stunning royal blue water for your pool. Similarly, our Eclipse tiles combine gloss charcoal with deep greys to create a rich, deep blue hue for your pool. For contemporary styles that flatter any outdoor space, our Luxe and Concepts range is for you. [Image 1 & 2]

5. From the Sea Tile Range

Reflecting the beauty of an ocean reef, our From the Sea range is the perfect addition to any beach or Hamptons style outdoor space. Each tile paints a unique and striking picture for your pool, and thanks to the leading Spanish technology, these tiles will stay stunning for a long time.

Discover gold-infused blues that reflect the colour combination of the Great Barrier Reef, to marbled blues and greys that bring the images of sand and sea together for an effortless coastal aesthetic. [Image 3]

6. From the Earth Tile Range

 Derived and inspired by nature and the natural terrain, the From the Earth tile range combines the best of what nature has to offer. Created with 98% recycled glass, each tile tells a unique and intriguing story through the interplay of colours and material. With a huge range of colours to choose from, from marbled beige to exotic greens, your pool will become the feature of every outdoor event this summer. [Image 4 & 5]

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Choosing the right pool tiles for your pool can feel a little daunting, with an array of colours, materials and design styles to choose from. However, with the tips above, you’ll be able to make an informed decision this summer and transform your pool and outdoor space for the coming months. 

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Explore our range of pool tiles now or contact us to learn more about our pool tiles, installation and materials now.

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