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Choose Your Outdoor Furniture

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If you love living outdoors as much as we do, a good set of outdoor furniture is a must-have for your backyard or alfresco area. It is important to take into account the unpredictable Australian climate to carefully select pieces that will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions with little care while adding to the visual appeal of your space.

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Our range of outdoor furniture is designed to suit a wide range of styles keeping front and centre their ability to stand up to the climate so that you can fully enjoy your lifestyle all year round.

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Choosing Frame Materials For Your Furniture

When it comes to the structural frame of your furniture, timber has always been the material of choice and still is a very suitable option when the timber is carefully selected to suit the outdoor use.

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Our range features unsealed, certified and legally & sustainably sourced teak wood for all timber pieces. Find out more and look at our pieces here and here.

Powder coated metal, either being galvanised steel or aluminium, is also a very suitable choice for the outdoors as the coating improves the rust resistance of the piece. A little care will still be required, but powder coated metal is a very suitable option if you love its modern and sleek look.

New technologies have also brought in a wealth of new clever options on the market including Ecolene®, an organic sustainable synthetic wicker, which could be your dark horse if neither wood nor metal suit your taste. At Artisan Exterior, our wicker outdoor furniture will add a modern and sleek touch to any space.

Selecting Fabrics and Fillings For Furniture

Structural frames for your furniture are important, but let’s not forget those really comfortable cushions or covers that make you want to lounge outdoors all day long.

When we’re talking fabrics, our range includes Sunbrella® and Sunproof materials, which both offer excellent performances in any weather condition. In terms of furniture fillings, the majority of our pieces utilise Urecel QuickDry® Foam. This is an advanced high-performance foam that allows water to drain fast while it also dries quicker and is more mould resistant than any other traditional foam.

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Determining The Best Location For Your Outdoor Furniture

We’re certain that you often hear the phrase, “location, location, location” or “location is everything!”. These expressions particularly apply to the location and positioning of your outdoor furniture and for good reasons. Australia is characterised by a varying range of climates so it’s good to keep in mind the specifics of your geography and outdoor area setting. Wind, shade and coastal weather are all important elements to take into account when deciding where to place your furniture or which furniture suits your location best.

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For instance, if you live by the ocean (we’re officially a bit jealous!), then you might want to consider wood over metal as a coastal environment can fast track corrosion and will require extra steps to properly care for your powder coated items.

Wind is another important factor to consider in positioning your furniture outdoors. For instance, consider lightweight furniture which is really easy to move and carry around. Placing such lightweight furniture in an extremely windy spot is not ideal as it could move to unwanted places with the power of the wind. In this case, powder coated galvanised metal would work best over more lightweight furniture as this type of material as well as sturdy solid wood will have a fair chance to outperform wicker.

Shade can also come to play, especially if you live somewhere where it gets rainy or really humid on the regular. Exposed wood furniture can be sensitive to these environments and develop mould a little quicker in these conditions if not cared for or treated accordingly.

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The good news is that we have your back and stock a wide range of options; you’re guaranteed to find an item that would be an absolute winner for your specific outdoor space.

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Give us a call or come talk to our Artisan Exterior team at one of our showrooms. We’ll be happy to discuss face to face your specific needs and guide you through selecting the best and most suited pieces for your outdoor haven.

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