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Callala Cladding

Callala Organic Stone Wall Cladding

Our Callala organic wall cladding is sourced in Australia and made from natural Sandstone. This elegant wall cladding features loose, random sized pieces for the ultimate one of a kind look. Soft and gentle hints of oranges and purples shine through a neutral, warm stone perfect for both dry-stacked or grouted installs.

Callala can be utilised in both internal and external applications such as feature walls or facades, lending itself well to a variety of designs and surroundings.

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Wall-Cladding-and-Stacked-Stones Swatches Callala-swatch
Callala Cladding
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Vale Cladding
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  • Natural Australian Sandstone product
  • Split surface and edges
  • Random shapes for organic appearance
  • Comes with pre-shaped corners
  • Can be installed as dry-stacked or with grout joints
  • Ideal for retaining walls, feature walls, facades, pillars and fireplaces
  • Suitable for both external and internal use
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