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Mapei Granirapid

Mapei Granirapid Quick Drying Tile Adhesive

High performance, deformable, fast setting and hydration two-component cementitious adhesive for ceramic tiles and stone material.Particularly suitable for the installation of stone material that is moderately unstable to moisture and requires a rapid drying of the adhesive. Suitable for bonding floors subject to heavy traffic.

Available in 30.5 kg KIT. Part A - 25 kg bag (Grey/White) and Part B - 5.5 kg drum.

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Mapei Granirapid
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  • A two-component adhesive composed of a special hydraulic and silica sand (part A) and a synthetic rubber latex (part B).
  • Has particularly fast setting and hydration times so that floors are set to light foot traffic after 3 hours and completely cured after only 24 hours.
  • Has very low shrinkage and excellent bonding characteristics making it suitable for most difficult substrates. 
  • Its mechanical properties make it resistant to impact, vibration, temperature changes, ageing and dilute chemical agents.
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