FLOOR CRAZY SPLIT-CRAZY ARKKIA-CRAZY Arkkia-Crazy-Floor-Styled-1025x1025 FLOOR CRAZY SPLIT-CRAZY ARKKIA-CRAZY Arkkia-Crazy-Floor-1025x1025
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Arkkia Crazy

Arkkia Crazy Paving, Pavers and Flooring

Arkkia Crazy Paving is a highly durable, split faced and irregularly shaped product made from Slate. The mix of warm mid to light greys, cool creams and rusted browns make this a excellent choice for offsetting timber and greenery. 

Arkkia Crazy Paving can be used for pathways, driveways, courtyards, pool environments or as garden paving. Its irregular shape and smaller pieces make it a perfect choice for curved spaces.

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Stone-Crazy-Paving Swatch Arkkia-crazy-swatch
Arkkia Crazy
Stone-Crazy-Paving Swatch Calor-crazy-swatch
Calor Crazy
Stone-Crazy-Paving Swatch kaldur-crazy-swatch
Kaldur Crazy
Stone-Crazy-Paving Swatch kuro-crazy-swatch
Kuro Crazy
Stone-Crazy-Paving Swatch Porphyry-crazy-swatch
Porphyry Crazy
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  • 20-40mm thickness. Thickness is indicative and may vary due to the split surface of the stone.
  • Natural Slate product
  • Split surface and edges
  • Random shapes for organic appearance
  • Available in crazy paving and cobblestones
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