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LANDARE Gumnut Traditional Clay Pots

Manufactured using traditional Thai pottery techniques, the LANDARE Gumnut pot is a large planter suited to house statement shrubs. 

The beautiful patina accentuates the resemblance with the Eucalyptus pods that inspired this unique design.

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Available Colours
 Decor Landare Swatch Gumnut-green-swatch-01
Key Features
Tech Specs
Key Features

Key Features

  • Perfect for traditional and art decor spaces
  • Elegant way of designing a garden
  • Add character to your garden
  • Create a great feature when used at home entrance
  • Allow you to control the soil your plants grow in
  • Add vertical space to your garden
  • Take advantage of your sunny spots
  • They are portable
  • With decorative garden pebbles, they look complete
  • Easy to look after
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Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Available size: Large 60cmD x 67cmH

 Decor Landare Gallery gumnut-01
 Decor Landare Gallery gumnut-02
 Decor Landare Gallery gumnut-03
 Decor Landare Gallery gumnut-04
 Decor Landare Gallery gumnut-05
 Decor Landare Gallery gumnut-06
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