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LANDARE Banksia Traditional Clay Pots

Handmade and manufactured using traditional Thai pottery techniques, the LANDARE Banksia pot range is available in five sizes and two colours. 

The vertical textures are an ode to the Banksia's flowers and are a true key feature of these designs.

Available Sizes

Banksia Small 30kg

Banksia Medium 50 kg

Banksia Medium Skinny 59kg

Banksia Large 85kg

Banksia Extra Large 130kg

Available Colours
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Key Features
Tech Specs
Key Features

Key Features

  • Perfect for traditional and art decor spaces
  • Elegant way of designing a garden
  • Add character to your garden
  • Create a great feature when used at home entrance
  • Allow you to control the soil your plants grow in
  • Add vertical space to your garden
  • Take advantage of your sunny spots
  • They are portable
  • With decorative garden pebbles, they look complete
  • Easy to look after
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Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Available sizes:

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  • Small 32cmD x 62cmH
  • Medium 50cmD x 62cmH
  • Large 62cmD x 81cmH
  • Extra 110cmD x 75cmH

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