Three Birds Renovations Reveal House 16

‘Artisan Exterior has a stunning range of Floor, Wall and Pool products which have a unique character of natural stone and are made for Australia’s outdoor lifestyle’ – Bonnie, Three Birds Renovations

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What is Natural Stone?

Blog / Fundamentals / Floor / Wall
Learn about the different types of natural stone; from granite and marble to bluestone, find out which will best suit your next project...
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Top 5 benefits of Fibreglass Pots and Planters

Blog / Fundamentals / Décor
There are many different types of pots you can choose from that are available on today’s market, but fibreglass pots tend to have a competitive edge. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, we’ve outlined 5 key reasons...
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Backyard winter jobs

Blog / Life+Style / Floor / Pool
Fight the urge of rugging up and cocooning in a pile of blankets – winter is the best time to get some action going in the garden!
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15 ways to style and decorate your porch

Blog / Life+Style / Floor / Furniture
Before electric fans and  air conditioning, porches were an absolute home necessity. While no longer essential, porches are still the perfect welcoming to a home’s interior, providing occupants with a versatile space that’s especially great when entertai...
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Which is better flooring? Stone or wood?

Blog / Fundamentals / Floor
Many people prefer hard surface flooring, especially for high traffic areas. But how do you decide between stone or wood? Use our guide to help navigating your choice...
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Themed garden series part 3: native gardens

Blog / Life+Style / Floor / Wall
Australian native plants are striking, beautiful and unique. They are also a low maintenance, and are often a cost-effective option for creating a gorgeous garden. Read on to learn more about native Australian gardens and how to best plant them in your y...
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Themed garden series part 2: tropical gardens

Blog / Life+Style / Floor
No matter where you live, the theming of your garden can be individualised to make you feel like you’re living wherever you please...
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Themed garden series part 1: Japanese gardens

Blog / Life+Style / Floor / Décor
Modern Japanese gardens are serene and relaxing, but have an added element of utility to them. They’re designed equally for walking around or to just sit back and allow yourself to drink in the scenery...
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