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Top 5 benefits of Fibreglass Pots and Planters

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There are many different types of pots you can choose from that are available on today’s market, but fibreglass pots tend to have a competitive edge amongst designers, landscapers and homeowners alike. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, we’ve outlined 5 key reasons below.

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1 – They’re strong

Fibreglass is a type of reinforced plastic made by embedding glass fibres into a resin matrix and, for our fibreglass pots, we only use marine grade fibreglass to ensure our lightweight pots are extremely durable. Everyday objects that can be made of fibreglass are surfboards and kayaks shells, drum sets, bicycles and orthopaedic casts - keeping this list in mind, you can rest assured your pots are definitely on the sturdy side of things.

2 – They’re lightweight

Fibreglass pots are surprisingly lightweight and this feature can be extremely beneficial if you need to be able to move your pots around. If you enjoy rearranging your pot clusters quite often, fibreglass is the right material for you and this is true if you need to move your plants indoor to outdoor and vice versa as well. Fibreglass pots are also perfect when it comes to upsizing – large planters can be easily managed if they happen to be just as light as medium size standard pots.
Just remember to avoid lifting a full pot by the rim – manoeuvring a blanket or towel under your pot and lifting or dragging it into place will avoid it being damaged.

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3 – They’re weather resistant

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Outdoor pots made from fibreglass can withstand any type of weather, heavy rain is not a problem as they’re rust-proof, and sun exposure won’t be an issue either since fibreglass is UV resistant. This means your pots won’t fade over time and won’t crack either if left out in the frost or sun.

4 – They require little to no maintenance

Fibreglass pots are very strong, durable and do not require any specific care because they are finished with Automotive paint. Pressure washers or abrasive brushes are best avoided as these pots can be simply washed with a soft cloth and a soapy solution every once in a while, to keep them looking as brand new.

5 – They’re suited for both indoor and outdoor use

As fibreglass pots are weather resistant, these pots can be placed and moved anywhere around or outside your home all year round – if you’ve planted shrubs in them, just ensure the plants are just as strong as their planters. Fibreglass pots come in many sizes and shapes and can suit any living arrangement and design scheme – discover our full range here and get creative, we’d love to see your next project come to life!

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If you’d like to know more about our fibreglass pots, please visit or contact on of our our showrooms. 

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