Fight the urge of rugging up and cocooning in a pile of blankets – winter is the best time to get some action going in the garden!

Beside some general pruning and tidying, for any space needing some serious TLC or a full upgrade you can rely on the caring and expert hands of a landscaper.

Now is really the right time to finalise those design plans, line up a professional and source the right products.

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Plan ahead for summer

Always wanted a swimming pool? Needing to fix those old cracked pavers or hate the look of your side path? Now is really the right time to think about what projects you would like to see completed prior summer, when you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

During winter, while the days are a little shorter and less friendly outdoors you can be completing your project so that you won’t have to miss a single day out in the garden, having a swim or enjoying a meal in the sun later in the year.

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Get your timing right

Beside taking into account the actual time needed for the work on site, make sure to get timescales confirmed for your materials as well. Pavers, pool tiles and any other hardscaping material need to be selected, sourced and locked in to be delivered on time to your location.

Also, it's always highly recommended to view and choose products in person, whenever safe and possible to do so, or via physical samples. It helps picturing the overall final look of the project, especially if it’s a larger project or it involves more than one area of your outdoor space.

Time adds up quickly but it’s definitely worth investing effort in getting things right from the get-go.

Make what you already have work harder for you

Take advantage of any undercover space you have whether it is a verandah, a fully enclosed pavilion or pergola. These areas can be enjoyed throughout winter with a couple of extras in place, starting with some hardy outdoor furniture and a few outdoor pots to make the space more welcoming.

You can also consider the addition of a source of heat, whether as an outdoor heater or a firepit which can be surrounded by built-in seats, cladded with timber or stone that don’t require high maintenance.

As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss your next project with us.

A couple of extra tips to enjoy the outdoors in winter can be found here and, if you're keen to read more, find all our articles here on our blog.

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