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Advantages of natural stone wall cladding

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Thinking about wall cladding, there's plenty advantages to reflect upon: it's beautiful, it's easy to care for and it can transform and dress up any space. 

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We will review below 3 of the best advantages of natural stone wall cladding.

1 - Transform your surfaces

Whether it’s a single wall or a whole building block facade, natural stone wall cladding is a true transformation hero. It can completely change the tone of a project adding an edge to a plain wall or softening a sharp look or material combination.

It’s a great option to consider during renovations as it could act as the perfect element to spruce up an out of date build. It also doubles up as a timeless and elegant feature worth investing in as it can increase the appeal of your home, something definitely to consider.

Natural stone wall cladding, together with your paving, is a great choice to create continuity between your outdoors and your indoors. It can safely be used in both environments and it can guarantee consistency in style and colour scheme across the entirety of your home or project.

2 - Unique one-off look

Whether you’re selecting a pre-mounted wall cladding format or a premium loose piece product, there is always going to be a degree of uniqueness in your project. Natural stone comes with its own history of beauty and imperfection and no two pieces are alike.

As mentioned, it comes in a variety of colours and textures and it can be installed in a wide variety of settings, from internal fireplaces and feature walls, to outdoor facades or boundary walls.

Our range is sourced to be installed outdoors and withstand the elements so, beside ensuring it is installed on a structurally sound surface, the possibilities are endless!

3 - Practical Advantages

On a more functional level, natural stone wall cladding contributes to the overall waterproofing of the surface on which it is applied. It can also increase the level of sound and thermal insulation of your home.One other big advantage of natural stone wall cladding is that it is long lasting, it’s very versatile and it is easier to maintain.

Be sure to always contact a specialist to appropriately prepare your surfaces and guarantee the technique and materials utilised for the installation of your wall cladding are carefully chosen and suited to the area.

If you’re keen to discuss this further or chat with us about your next project, as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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