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Themed garden series part 3: native gardens

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Australian native plants are striking, beautiful and unique. They are also a low maintenance, and are often a cost-effective option for creating a gorgeous garden.

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Maybe you’re interested in Australian natives, are considering designing a new garden, or adding some life to an existing one. Either way, native plants are a great option for your garden and are well worth your consideration.

Read on to learn more about native Australian gardens and how to best plant them in your yard.

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Finish up any construction

If you have just completed building a new house, make sure that all remaining construction is accounted for. Perhaps there’s a path yet to go in, garden taps that haven’t been connected yet, or outdoor lighting or drainage that is still to be constructed. In most cases it is better to wait until all construction is finalised, however you can begin planning prior to this - just be careful, or you may end up overlooking key aspects and will have to restart!

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Plan your garden

If you are looking to recreate or enhance an existing garden, you probably have a better idea of what space is available, and in this case you are ready to start! If you are starting fresh, it’s a good idea to draw a mockup of your new garden, and spend some time designing a truly special space.

There are a large range of native Australian plants for any climate, and a little research can go a long way. It’s best to do some research as you consider exactly what you want. Visit local nurseries, draw inspiration from other local gardens, from magazines or blogs. These sources will help a great deal in not only choosing the native plants to feature in your garden, but also other complementary features such as water features, natural stone pavers and wall cladding.

In any case, it’s a good to have a plan before you begin, as this will help you to create something you are happy with in the end.

Native Australian plants

There are so many native Australian plants to choose from, you’ll quickly realise you’re spoilt for choice! Depending on where you live, you might prefer Waratahs and kangaroo paws for long lasting summer flowers, or perhaps banksias and the scented native frangipani. In temperate climates perhaps a native guava or the ever popular Lilly Pilly will suit your needs.

With over 24,000 species of native plants found in Australia, your choices are endless. You will easily be able to find trees, flowers, shrubs, ground cover and orchids - everything you need to build the perfect native garden.

Popular varieties

The golden wattle is Australia’s national floral emblem, and for good reason too. It can be grown Australia wide and is very easy to look after. Another popular plant is the banksia, which can be grown along the east coast of Australia as well as the lower west side, and can easily grow from seed. The bottlebrush grows in a similar region and is well also well known. There are many more well known species, and some lesser known species that offer a variety of options for your garden.


Once you have decided on the design and species that your garden will host, you need to establish the plants in the garden. Keep in mind that plants from nurseries are often maintained in ideal conditions, so when you introduce the plants into your garden it can be a good idea to give them a little more care than usual, just to make sure they are properly established. This can mean daily watering, and making sure there are enough nutrients in the soil. This will help to alleviate any shock from the transplant, and will give your garden the best chance of success.

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