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Advantages of natural stone stepping stones

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Stepping stones are a beloved, versatile hardscaping option that suits many different environments.

Read on to learn more on the advantages of utilising these clever natural stone products.

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They are fun and versatile

Stepping stones can go all the way from being formal, and add sharpness to your garden, or be more organised and be laid in a more casual manner. They are a fun element to any garden or outdoor area and can suit any design style.

They can guide you

You can easily lead whoever visits your site thanks to the use of stepping stones. If you are planting your garden in a particular manner or want certain areas to be connected, they can be the perfect solution to guide the way you and your guests experience your outdoor areas.

If you're keen to read more on garden pathways, find more information here.

They are relatively easy to install

Keeping in mind where they are laid and what is going to be laid around them, e.g. pebbles vs grass, stepping stones can be easily installed in a variety of settings, including over water. Ensure you’re contacting a professional to get the job right from the get-go.

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They work well with different surroundings

Stepping stones, no matter if organic shaped or cut as pavers, can be easily surrounded by pebbles, a classic combination that it’s easy to maintain, grass, fake grass, gravel or any type of green groundcover.

They can be more than just a path

Traditionally laid as a pathway, they can also be used as a decorative feature across a garden or as a transition format if the same material is then used across the site e.g. pavers, stepping stones and crazy paving.

They’re a practical choice

Stepping stones come with a multitude of advantages, from being comfortable under the foot to allow for much better drainage than solid paths. They can also be laid in narrow or curved spaces, they’re long-lasting and easy to maintain.

For any questions on stepping stone get in touch with our team, we will be able to assist you with your project.

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