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Marble Pavers and Tiles for Outdoor and Pool Areas

Rugged exterior beauty waiting to be unleashed.

Marble is often recognised as a stone that is only used for interiors, with many people identifying marble with benchtops, splash-backs and highly polished floors or walls. Our range of Marble pavers and tiles has been specifically developed to suit the outdoors with the surfacing techniques employed across our Marble paving range creating a rugged, slip resistant product that works harmoniously in all outdoor applications including pools, pathways and patios to name a few.

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Marble is a highly durable and dense flooring stone that is perfectly suited to the many requirements of paving in outdoor life and is low maintenance due to its hardness.

We commonly see our clients select Marble because they are drawn to the natural colour variation and movement that is present in the stone, and the quartz deposits and veining that are synonymous with Marble.

Many of the designs we work with combine multiple spaces and require pavers that can adapt to varying environments. Marble pavers work flawlessly in pool and landscape applications and come in varying formats including modular French Patterns, pavers and pool copings.

Marble is a bold and timeless stone that transforms its surroundings. We believe that this gorgeous stone belongs outside just as much as it does inside! While it has become famous for its highly polished and striking beauty lining the interiors of some of the most prestigious buildings around the world, there is a rugged beauty that lies beneath that shiny surface that longs for the outdoors. Ad we’re ready to take it there.

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