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Granite Pavers and Tiles for Outdoor Areas

With Granite the proof is in the performance.

Have you ever stopped to notice how much granite is below your feet on a daily basis? If you’re walking a public sidewalk, getting the groceries, attending a major sporting event or concert or just strolling through a city, the likelihood is that you’re treading a path made of granite- and there’s a very good reason, Granite flooring is exceptionally hard wearing and highly durable. It also looks great, wearing incredibly well, even in densely populated environments.

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Our Granite flooring range is no exception and we’re proud to have supplied Granite to the Australian building industry since our inception. Granite pavers and tiles are commonly used in both commercial and residential applications with uses ranging from paving in high traffic public domains to private pools, driveways and walkways.

Due to their hardness, the surface of Granite pavers are often flamed to create high slip resistance, making them perfect or use outdoors. Most commonly used in black and grey tones, Granite paving is the perfect complement for contemporary structures, while its uniform appearance is often used to allow timber screening, outdoor furniture or feature walls to shine through. Of course, Aalto Granite is the exception, with its marble like banding this gorgeous stone expands the range to offer more variation in character where required.

Granite is a stone where the proof is in the performance, next time you’re out and about take note of how widely used this exceptional stone is. We have no doubt you’ll be impressed with what you see.

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