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Bluestone Pavers and Tiles for Outdoor Areas

A staple for the most discerning architects and designers.

If you’ve spent time on the internet or social media looking for inspiration, we guarantee one of those projects that’s caught your eye, maybe been shared, flagged or bookmarked, features Bluestone. Bluestone flooring has been gracing Australian architecture and design for decades and is loved for its uniformity in surface appearance while retaining the gentle colour variation that only comes from a natural product.

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A distinct feature in Bluestone that we love is the catspaw markings that are present in the surface of the pavers and tiles. These castpaws are the result of the air bubbles present during this stunning lava stone’s molten formation. It’s truly mind-boggling to think of how long these air bubbles sat, patiently waiting to be uncovered as the stone cooled, solidified and eventually came to be quarried.

Bluestone paving has a unique softness and warmth in its appearance, despite being a dark coloured stone. This characteristic often sees Bluestone pavers used by designers looking to offset the lush greens of multi-layered planting, contrast pool interiors or to contrast stacked timber around pizza ovens and fire-pits. Bluestone continues to be a favourite of some of the most respected and decorated architects and designers in the Australian building industry, a testament to its ability to adapt to a broad range of applications and uses.

As we continue to see projects completed in this gorgeous stone, it’s clear to see why it’s been so widely used for such a long time, it’s a stone that simply delivers- every time. We’re confident you’ll agree.

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