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Silea Modern Lightweight Fibreglass Pots

Our Silea range is all about lines and curves. An extremely versatile pot that works well in clusters and pairings, this pot will accomodate Palms to Cactus and everything in between. Let your imagination run wild.

Available sizes:

39cmD X 52cmH Base 31cmD

RRP $149 NOW $59

56cmD X 68cmH Base 46cmD 

RRP $285 NOW $145

56cmD X 102cmH Base 31cmD 

RRP $435 NOW $195

58cmD X 51cmH Base 26cmD 

RRP $235 NOW $99

66cmD X 80cmH Base 56cmD

RRP $389 NOW $195

115cmD X 73cmH Base 87cmD

RRP $935 NOW $449

Available Colours
Decor Fibreglass Swatch Silea-swatch-001
Decor Fibreglass Swatch Silea-swatch-002
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  • Perfect for contemporary and modern spaces
  • They are lightweight and easily portable
  • High quality fibreglass 
  • Automotive UV resistant spray painted
  • Elegant way of designing a garden
  • Add character to your garden
  • Create a great feature when used at home entrance
  • Allow you to control the soil your plants grow in
  • Add vertical space to your garden
  • Take advantage of your sunny spots
  • With decorative garden pebbles, they look complete
  • Easy to look after
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor home and work environments
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Available sizes:

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  • 39cmD X 52cmH Base 31cmD
  • 58cmD X 51cmH Base 26cmD
  • 56cmD X 68cmH Base 46cmD
  • 66cmD X 80cmH Base 56cmD
  • 56cmD X 102cmH Base 31cmD
  • 115cmD X 73cmH Base 87cmD

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Decor Fibreglass Gallery silea-02
Decor Fibreglass Gallery silea-03
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Decor Fibreglass Gallery silea-05
Decor Fibreglass Gallery silea-06
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