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9 design ideas for cobblestones

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The appearance of your home on the outside is just as important as how it looks on the inside. Achieving a practical and stylish look can be hard at times, especially for your home’s facade and driveway. It's vital that your driveway is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also complements your garden, pots, and other features your home entrance can contain.

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That’s where cobblestones come in – they’re the perfect combination of functionality and versatility.

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1. Let your imagination go wild with cobblestones

There are many different design options when it comes to cobblestones. You can find antique stones, granite, limestone and basalt, all offering you a range of different looks and cuts to choose from. They also come in a wide range of colours, such as green, red, pink, black, tan, brown and grey. In addition, due to their various shapes you can create beautiful and different patterns to spice up your home.

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2. Design ideas

Cobblestones were traditionally used to improve the quality of dirt roads, and have been used for thousands of generations. They are an authentic material that can be made from just about any stone, come in many different colours, and easily stand the test of time. Many historic cities still retain some of their original cobblestone roads and paths! While you can find new cobblestones for virtually every application, you should also consider antique styles that, depending on the style of your home, can add an extra depth appeal and character. Cobblestones are an enchanting material that has inspired design through time.

3. Driveways

Cobblestones are an ideal material for driveways; they’re both attractive and incredibly durable. Cobblestones are well suited to driveways as they can easily handle the weight of cars without becoming displaced. When designing a driveway it’s important to choose a material that will last over time, and cobblestones will exceed your expectations in this regard. They are also visually pleasing and are relatively easy to install, although they still require the work of professionals. Whether you choose cobblestones that give an authentic antique feel or cobblestones that are modern and exciting, you guaranteed to be happy with your choice.

4. Paths

Whether it’s a decorative path winding through your garden, a functional path to get from one side of the yard to the other, or any other kind of path, cobblestones can add an extra dimension to the outside of your home. Mix and match colours and patterns, or add texture with stones of different shapes or sizes. There are many options to suit all yards and styles, and they can even be arranged in mosaic patterns for extra effect. Add a decorative accent to your paths that will prove to be both practical and visually effective.

5. Patterns

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No matter which application you have decided on, cobblestones can be arranged in a variety of patterns such as fans or circles. You can also use rectangular or Antique Patterns to create a unique finish. This looks great for driveways, can add extra effect to courtyards and paths, and can greatly compliment your choice of stone. Consider what type of pattern will best suit your space.

6. Edging

You can use cobblestones to create low edging stones, which make great barriers for weeds, grass, flowers, small plants, soil and mud. Not only will they help to keep everything in place, but it’ll also increase your property value by making your outdoor areas look a million dollars!

The best way to do this is by digging a narrow trench prior to installation and then placing them in a line or curve at your preferred height.

7. Courtyards

Using cobblestones for courtyards can help create some of the most enchanting and authentic spaces in your home. They can be used to create an old style look, or can add modern character to complement other design materials in the space.

8. The focal point in landscaping

If you’re not keen on using a large number of cobblestones in your yard, but still like the idea of the cobblestone look, consider using them to create a focal point. For example, if you have a retaining wall, you can use a few cobblestones to create a mosaic or a pattern that could work as an accent in your garden. Another alternative is to use them to build classic-looking water fountains.

9. Colour mix

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It’s worthwhile mentioning that cobblestones come in a wide variety of colours - let your creative side go wild, and add a bit of colour mix to your outdoor area to create a stunning effect. 

For high-traffic areas such as driveways or paths, black and grey granite looks minimalistic and sleek. Instead, consider incorporating colour and creative pieces into focal pieces in your yard.

Get in touch with our team to discuss which cobblestone design idea is best suited for your project.

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