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Valo Travertine Pavers, Tiles & Coping

Valo Travertine is a light coffee and cream-toned product. Carefully selected to maintain high strength and density while focussing on the lightest colour selection, this is a bright and vibrant stone that is ideal for all landscape environments. 

Highly popular due to its neutral tones and cool nature in direct sunlight, Valo is available in various paving formats. This makes it ideal for pool environments, pathways, walkways, and entertainment areas.

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  • Crystalline Silica content <1%
  • Tumbled surface finish
  • High density
  • Stays much cooler under direct sunlight when compared with similar colour volcanic stones
  • Pool coping profiles including bullnose, pencil edge and drop edge
  • Available in pavers, tiles and step tread
  • Can be submerged
  • Custom Orders to Spec available
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Ardex E90
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Sealer’s Choice® Gold
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