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Travertine Pavers and Tiles for Outdoor Areas

A mainstay in outdoor design, with good reason.

We have to admit, we’ve got a soft spot for Travertine. It was one of the first products that made up our natural stone range and has been a staple in the building industry for as long as we can remember. With its neutral tones and tumbled surface finish it’s easy to understand how Travertine pavers and tiles became such an integral part of the building industry.

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Travertine paving is highly adaptive, working well in contemporary and traditional applications, it’s a real workhorse and the mottled colouration makes it a forgiving stone, even when it hasn’t been given the love and attention it deserves.

The number of times we’ve been told how much our clients love their Travertine paving, or coping or French pattern is impossible to track, but needless to say it’s been more than a few. We commonly hear how much our clients love the way that the stone sits so comfortably with its surroundings or how the colour movement and pitting in the surface adds interest to spaces.

We’ve seen Travertine successfully used on inner-city balconies through to beach front mansions, always adding its distinct style without stealing the scene. Travertine flooring can be used as paving in patios, walkways, around pools, or as pool coping making it a highly desirable product for pool and landscape.

We only select first quality Travertine with colour consistency, stone density and thickness consistency being controlled to deliver the best finished product. After such a long time enhancing outdoor experiences, Travertine has proven itself to be worth the hype.

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