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Fossil Black Quartz

Fossil Black Quartz Porcelain Pavers & Coping

Fossil Black structural Porcelain pavers combine the characteristics of Split Slate, Granite and Quartz with a highly slip resistant surface. Utilising dozens of individual prints, it achieves the natural colour variation and character associated with a Natural Stone.

Structurally engineered for high resistance to breaking load and stress the Fossil Black is ideal for outdoor areas, both public and private and is the perfect product for those who are looking for the beauty of stone without the sealing and maintenance requirements.

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Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Fossil-Black-swatch
Fossil Black Quartz
Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Belgium-swatch
Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Fossil-Grey-swatch
Fossil Grey Quartz
Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Ivory-Travertine-swatch
Ivory Travertine
Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Medium-Travertine-swatch
Medium Travertine
Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Oslo-swatch-3000
Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Silver-Travertine-swatch
Silver Travertine
Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Somersby-swatch
Porcelain-Pavers-Outdoor-20 Swatch Zurich-swatch
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  • Does not require any sealing
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • High slip resistance
  • High weight load resistance
  • Resistant to salt and chlorinated water
  • Resistant to frost and heat
  • Resistant to mould and moss
  • Resistant to high level of chemicals
  • Uniform in size and thickness
  • Pool coping profiles including contemporary bullnose and drop edge
  • Can be laid on road base-sand, sand-cement creeds and concrete slabs
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Ardex E90
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Ardex CA20P
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Ardex Grout Booster
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Mapei Ultracolor Plus
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