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Which is better flooring? Stone or wood?

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When looking to lay new floors, the battle used to be between hard surfaces and carpet. But surface floors are becoming more and more popular, as people seek to avoid allergens that are common in carpets. Hard surface floors are also much easier to maintain.

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The two most commonly used hard surfaces are stone and wood, and it’s a tough choice. There are several pros and cons for each, and at the end of the day, it’s comes down to which you like best.

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4 advantages of timber flooring

Known to transform a home due to its warm vibe, there are a few benefits of using timber, especially when it comes to Australian hardwood timber flooring.

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1. It lasts

Though not as durable as stone pavers and tiles, timber flooring can last for decades, and care and maintenance is quite simple and effective. There’s no stress associated with stains or deterioration. On top of this, the way timber flooring is made contributes to its durability. The manufacturing process remains true to the natural durability of wood. Quite simply, it’s built to last. If necessary, it can also be resurfaced quite easily and sanded back to deal with scratches or dents.

2. Timeless appeal

Timber flooring doesn’t date. It’s not going to go out of style and it can work in absolutely any area of the home. It can either be a focal point or simply fade into the distance. It can be covered with rugs or stand proud on its own, and, if and when the rug goes out of style, whip it off and let the floor shine through, or simply replace it.

3. There’s variety

There are so many different types of timber flooring that almost any taste and style will be satisfied. Whether it’s classic warmth, or light and bright, there’s an option for you. Even within the different types of wood, there are differing shades to choose from. Of course, different types of wood may be better in different areas, so it’s best to speak to an expert to see whether your choice will work in your space.

4. Easy to clean

Timber flooring isn’t porous and doesn’t retain odours, stains or dust. A simple vacuum or even a mop will sort out any spills, dust or mess that lands on the surface. A good quality timber floor will also omit a lovely, fresh odour which can even mask some of those created by kids or pets. It’s hygienic and easy to maintain.

3 advantages of stone flooring

There are so many varieties of stone flooring, and each has its own pros and cons. Whether marble, granite, sandstone, limestone or travertine, there are several benefits to using natural stone for your flooring.

1. Unlimited designer options

That list above isn’t even all of the stone flooring options. When you look at all of the varieties of stone, and combine that with the enormous range of colours, textures, cuts and surface treatments, there’s an almost endless supply of options to choose from. 

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2. Climate control

Does your area experience hot summers? Stone flooring keeps the house and your feet cool. Experience cooler winters? Don’t worry, just add a rug or choose a darker colour stone paving option.

3. It’s good for the environment

Stone is a natural product. There is plenty of supply and it doesn’t require any other resources or materials to create. There are also no nasty chemicals or toxins so your interior is healthy. Additionally, it’s recyclable, so even if you do choose to replace the flooring down the line, it can be turned into something else, again helping the environment.

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Why not have both?

There’s no rulebook that says you can’t have natural stone and wood flooring in your home. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference, how you’re going to use the space, and your budget.

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Get in touch with the friendly team at Artisan Exterior, we’ll help you find the perfect natural stone or timber look tiles for your flooring.

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